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Brunch At The Farm

Updated: Apr 1

It’s hard to say no to brunch. The slow pace and endless variety of this meal – enjoyed mostly at the weekend – are what has made it so popular the world over. What’s more, because it’s not an everyday occurrence, brunch feels more fun, more sociable, more decadent.

Brunch after church can be a great choice. It will allow you to get together with friends and enjoy good food and great conversation. Getting together for fellowship over food is always a great way to engage with friends and family after church service. Most people do a lunch or dinner-style meal, and often choose something that’s potluck service—everyone brings something to share. Of course, that’s a lot of time and effort for people who may have otherwise busy lives. Today, that has led to more people eating out after church or considering other options.

If you haven’t been on social media, or you’ve avoided the midday world, you may be wondering, “What is brunch?” Or, you may already know what it is and are curious to learn more about this breakfast-lunch phenomenon that’s swept across the globe.

Before we learn about “What is brunch?” and “What time is brunch served?” We should look at the origins of brunch. The origin of brunch is a little murky. It’s hard to nail down who realized that champagne and French toast were a match made in heaven.

On a base level, brunch is the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch, a meal for breakfast foods and almost-midday cocktails. If some of the foods border on dessert, that's okay too. In this blog post we dive deep to learn what is brunch and how it started.

What is Brunch?

Brunch is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, coined by the British in the late 1800s and later popularised by Americans. But it wasn’t simply another meal. With the rise of the weekend, factory and office workers were able to stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights. The next day, when they inevitably woke up past the traditional breakfast hour, they sought out heartier fare that not only satisfied their hunger, but also continued the celebratory mood.

Why brunch?

Well, for starters, it includes all the best breakfast foods, and who doesn’t like breakfast? For the naysayers, there’s also a list of lunch items on most brunch menus. There’s something for just about everyone, and no one has to put in all the work of cooking something to bring to the church luncheon.

What to eat at brunch.

The beauty of brunch is the quality and quantity of delicious options. The fare centres around a full English or American breakfast, with meats like sausage, bacon, ham and smoked salmon, along with sweet fare like pancakes, waffles, French toast and pastries. A must for brunch are egg dishes, especially Eggs Benedict: toasted English muffins topped with sliced ham, poached eggs and warm barbecue sauce. Hash browns and other fried potato dishes nicely round out the meal. For those seeking a lighter touch, there are fresh fruit juices, gelato and coffee. The most important aspect of brunch? That it offer a variety of sweets and savouries that taste wonderful together and is plentiful enough for two meals.

Now that we have learned what Brunch is we can delve back to the main subject. Our farm serves as the idyllic backdrop for a brunch experience like no other. Picture yourself strolling through vibrant fields of kale, heirloom tomatoes, and fragrant herbs, the very ingredients that grace your plate during this unique dining adventure.

Our commitment to organic farming is at the core of what makes our brunches exceptional. We eschew synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, embracing natural and environmentally-friendly practices that nourish the land and produce food that is not only delicious but also free from harmful chemicals.

Every brunch dish is a testament to our farm-to-fork philosophy. Imagine indulging in a freshly picked salad where the lettuce leaves are still crisp with morning dew. Savour the richness of an omelette made with eggs laid by our free-range chickens, living a stress-free life under the clear blue skies.

But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond what's on the plate. Our farm is a model of eco-conscious living, employing practices such as composting, water conservation, and renewable energy sources. We believe in leaving a positive impact on the environment and ensuring the longevity of our agricultural practices.

Our chefs are culinary artists, transforming the organic harvest into a symphony of flavours. From inventive twists on classic brunch staples to daring new creations, each dish is a masterpiece that tells the story of our farm and the passion we put into every meal.

Join us for a brunch that transcends the ordinary. It's not just a meal; it's an experience that connects you to the land, the farmers, and the essence of sustainable living. Be part of a movement that embraces organic, where every bite is a step towards a healthier planet.

Booking Information

Reserve your seat at our organic brunch experience and become a part of the organic movement. contact us at +245 759 335 447 for reservations and inquiries.

Come, savour the flavours of sustainability, and celebrate life at our organic oasis.

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