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Welcome to Adventure Farm, where we're dedicated to creating a sustainable world through circular food production and minimal waste. Our eco-friendly practices, like waste separation and resource utilization, are integrated into our lush surroundings.

At Adventure Farm, we offer a breath of fresh air amidst trees, serving as an educational hub for children to connect with nature. Our activities range from interactive farm animal experiences to exciting adventures like ziplining and teepee climbing. Each visit is a mix of learning and excitement, with hands-on pizza crafting and camping experiences for kids providing a break from  books and technology.

Who Are We

Adventure Farm isn't just a playground; it's a classroom. We host school tours that turn the farm into a practical class, letting students witness real animals and vegetables. Our petting zoo, where kids can interact with rabbits, enhances this immersive learning experience.

But Adventure Farm isn't just for the young; we extend our mission to seasoned and aspiring farmers through chargeable practical courses. Covering organic and regenerative agriculture, permaculture, soil-less agriculture, and Vermiculture, our courses empower individuals with sustainable farming knowledge

.At the heart of our farm is The Cove, our Farm-to-Fork restaurant, where animals like rabbits, geese, pigs, sheep, and cows contribute to the ingredients. Gelato, crafted from our cows' milk, and fresh fruit juices from our orchard embody the farm-to-table philosophy, promoting health and sustainability.

Beyond the fields, Adventure Farm boasts an Amphitheatre, a versatile space for movie nights, bonfires, and rentable event hosting. Our outdoor Farm-to-Fork restaurant; The Cove  lets you savour a delicious healthy meal while watching your children play, providing a picturesque backdrop for diverse celebrations.

Adventure Farm isn't just a physical entity; it's a holistic experience. Our offerings span tours, a farm-to-table restaurant, a farm shop, delightful gelato, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, outdoor yoga, and more. We embrace organic practices to cultivate a diverse range of crops while raising animals ethically.

Catering goes beyond our restaurant; we extend our organic delights to school events i.e swimming gala, sports day and theatre performances bringing sustainability and health to urban areas. You can find our organic products not just at the farm but also at our shop in Lavington Mall, bringing sustainability and health to urban areas

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the plate. The animals on our farm contribute not only ingredients but also manure, facilitating the production of organic fertilizers. We employ water catchment systems, recycle everything, and even utilize animal waste for productive purposes, such as natural pesticides.

Adventure Farm embraces food forests that operate as self-sustaining ecosystems. These forests, teeming with a variety of plants, contribute to biodiversity, yield low-maintenance produce, provide habitats for beneficial animals, and enhance the farm's aesthetics.
But our commitment goes beyond the farm gates. Every school visit involves tree planting, contributing to a greener world. Adventure Farm isn't just a destination; it's a journey towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.

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