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Are you ready for a Halloween Adventure like no other ?

Adventure Farm, is all set to cast its spell on you and your family with a two-day Halloween celebration on Saturday, October 28th, and Sunday, October 29th. This family-friendly event promises a bewitching experience, offering a perfect blend of fun, learning, and unforgettable memories.

Before we delve into the spooky festivities, let's start with the farm's soul - The Cove, an exquisite Farm-to-Fork restaurant that showcases the best of organic produce. The Halloween-themed decor will set the perfect ambiance for you to enjoy mouth-watering delicacies while surrounded by the farm's lush greenery.

But the fun doesn't end at The Cove. The heart of Adventure Farm lies in its animal barn and orchard. As part of the Halloween party, tours are included in the ticket price. You and your little ones will get the chance to connect with nature and learn where your food comes from. Get up close and personal with adorable farm animals, and explore the flourishing orchards that epitomize organic farming at its best.

Your little adventurers can run wild in the dedicated children's playground, complete with a sandbox to dig in and a thrilling zip line to conquer. It's the perfect place for kids to make new friends, play, and have endless fun.

Now, let's talk Halloween. Adventure Farm has prepared a spook-tacular line-up of activities that will have the entire family grinning from ear to ear.

1. Pumpkin Carving

Get your creative juices flowing as you carve the perfect pumpkin masterpiece. Whether you're going for a friendly Jack-o'-lantern or a spine-tingling face, it's all in good fun.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Put on your detective hat and embark on an exciting scavenger hunt around the farm. Solve riddles and uncover hidden treasures as you explore the farm's nooks and crannies.

3. Pizza Making

Who doesn't love pizza? Your little ones can become mini chefs as they create their very own pizzas. Adventure Farm lets you get hands-on with your food by making pizza using ingredients straight from their farm. The mozzarella cheese, made from their own cows' milk, is as healthy as it is delicious. You can't get any fresher than that!

4. Roasting Marshmallows

Gather 'round the bonfire and roast marshmallows to perfection. It's a cosy, traditional activity that brings people together.

5. Storytelling

Prepare to be enchanted by captivating Halloween stories. Gather 'round as talented storytellers weave tales of witches, wizards, vampires, and maybe even a friendly Frankenstein.

As if the activities weren't enough, Adventure Farm will be transformed into a Halloween wonderland. The entire venue will be decked out with spooky decorations, setting the mood for a day filled with ghostly fun. And speaking of costumes, don't forget to dress up! Costumes are not just accepted; they're encouraged. Get ready to spot witches, wizards, vampires, and all manner of creatures as you mingle with fellow Halloween enthusiasts.

Halloween parties at Adventure Farm are more than just costumes and candy. They provide a unique opportunity for kids and families to bond, learn, and make new friends. But why are events like this so important for kids?

1. Learning:

Adventure Farm is not just a place to have fun; it's a place of education. Kids can learn about where their food comes from, see the animals in the barn, and gain a deeper appreciation for nature and farming.

2. Creativity:

Halloween allows kids to unleash their creativity. Whether it's designing costumes, carving pumpkins, or creating their own pizzas, there are endless opportunities for children to express themselves.

3. Social Interaction:

The Halloween party at Adventure Farm is a hub for kids to meet and make new friends. It's a place where children can interact, play, and develop valuable social skills.

4. Family Bonding:

These events bring families together. From enjoying delicious farm-to-fork meals at The Cove to partaking in the myriad activities, parents and children can forge lasting memories together.

Adventure Farm's Halloween party is more than just a day of spooky celebrations. It's an opportunity for families to come together, make lasting memories, and learn about where our food comes from. It's a place where kids can play, make friends, and explore the wonders of an organic farm.

So, if you're looking for a Halloween adventure that combines fun, education, and lasting memories, Adventure Farm in Karen is the place to be. Come and experience the magic of Halloween in a unique and enriching way. For just 1000 Kenyan Shillings per adult and 2000 Kenyan Shillings per child, you gain entry to this enchanting Halloween experience. Your admission includes access to all the activities.

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