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Outdoor Learning

Updated: May 23, 2023

Spending time outdoors is a perfect way for children to engage with the world around them. At the Adventure Farm, we provide an immersive opportunity for children to learn about where food comes from, their environment as well as providing art and craft opportunities to enhance their creativity. We also have a playground with ziplining, a climbing wall and slide.

The Adventure starts with exploring the animal trail where they meet (and pet) Chicks, Rabbits, Pigs, Cows (the farm was blessed with Twin heifers), Fish, Geese,Goats and Sheep. They learn fun facts about the animals too! Children also get to see the younglings of different farm animals and learn how they are born.

With the excitement of a new environment, the children get to ask questions and also contribute to the discussions held relating to each animal. Parents get to bond with their children by doing activities together and creating fun filling memories. By petting the animals, children enhance their love and caring for animals.

The children get to practice what they have learnt in class and from reading books. They can plant vegetables from seeds, tubers, splits and other ways of propagating plants. The children will understand circular production and reduction in waste. We use rainwater harvesting to grow crops, the animal manure is made into biogas for cooking and heating and the slurry is used as manure to make plants healthy.

Children get to enjoy farm fresh Juices from our orchard and amazingly delicious gelato from own cow’s milk. We can also organize snacks / lunch for your group. When the learning sessions are over the children get to explore their adventurous side of play.

We are all about Fun, Sustainability and Wellness!

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