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The Karen Tour Circuit

Fun places to Visit in Karen

Visiting fun places is fun and great for your mental health since it helps you disconnect from your daily life. It is an act of self-care that enhances creativity, promotes self-esteem, and improves your social life. In addition, visiting fun places with family and friends helps strengthen friendship, allows families to appreciate the comfort of their loved ones, and creates unforgettable memories.

Karen is one of the prestigious neighborhoods of Nairobi with the most fun places and attractions. Whether you are looking for a museum, amusement park, or mall with kids’ fun activities, they are available in Karen. Check them out:


Adventure Farm Karen

Adventure Farm is much more that "just" a family of organic ,sustainable farm. Our farm has become family gathering points, offering tours, farm market, space for celebrations ( birthdays, graduations)  a farm- to- table restaurant , a shop, yoga classes and much more. Apart from producing  a big variety of crops , Adventure farm also houses several types of animals - rabbits, geese, pigs, sheep and cows - to provide the farm with manure and products , as well as make good use of garden waste. We produce our own organic fertilizers, harvest our own seeds and continually enhance the bio - diversity - flora and fauna on the farm . We have water catchment systems to make the most of the water we use , and we work to find productive avenues for the waste we create.

Around the farm, we have designed food forests, with dozens of different food - packaging and medicinal plants that operate largely as a self- sustaining ecosystem , from which we can harvest or leave to simply grow wild. These " forests" increase the farm's biodiversity , yield low - maintenance produce for us to sell, provide habitats for beneficial animals, and make the space much more beautiful than the average farm. At adventure farm we aim to contribute to a more environmental sustainable world through the provision of a community space, which serves not only to provide restaurants and households but also as a learning center offering permaculture courses and volunteer opportunities for everyone interested in learning more about sustainable agriculture.



Karen Village

Karen village is a media, art, and culture hub comprising over 25 studios offering various creative medians. The village has accommodation and several food and drinks courts offering multiple cuisines. They also have a conference and exhibition center with a capacity of over 400 persons.

Additionally, Karen village has an outdoor space that serves as a team building, volleyball, or football training area. The Karen village is the best destination if you want a place to hold corporate meetings, workshops, special events, exhibitions, product shoots, etc. You can also visit to watch art or tour and learn about the creative minds of our local artists.


Escape Room Kenya

Escape room Kenya offers a new adventure game that challenges players to find an escape route from the puzzle room within a specified time. It is an entertaining and educational game that tests players’ teamwork and problem-solving skills. The escape rooms are well set, with precautions to fit people of all ages.

The escape room Kenya grounds can also hold special functions such as birthday parties, company events, and anniversaries. They also have a team-building night out at affordable charges.


Natare Gardens

Natare garden is a manicured garden with pleasantly landscaped grounds comprising a waterfall, swimming pool, and fountain. The garden offers a calm and quiet atmosphere, making it a perfect destination to relax away from city hassles. It is also big enough to hold parties, family gatherings, and corporate meetings.

The good news is that the Natare garden is open to the public on Sundays with various kids’ fun activities, including trampoline, swimming, and bouncing castles.


Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum was established in 1986 by the national museum of Kenya after acquiring the house from the government. It houses the photographs, paintings, books, and furniture of the talented author and farmer Karen Blixen. In addition, the Karen Blixen museum hosts a collection of agricultural tools, wagons, ploughs, first-generation tractors, and coffee driers.

The Karen Blixen Museum is a good tour ground for the young generation to provide insight into early twentieth technologies. It also gives a view of the Ngong Hills, one of the remaining indigenous forests in Kenya.


The Maji Magic

Maji magic is the newest Kenya water attraction offering Aqua Park, swimming, Stand up Paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. It is Africa’s first inflatable Aqua Park with plenty of fun activities for the whole family. In addition to having unmatched water fun activities, the Maji magic also offers electric motor-driven blaster boats.


Oloolua Nature Trail

The Oloolua nature trail is a camping and adventure site that meanders through thick forest and undergrowth of giant trees and bushes. It is also the home to the institute of primate research, managed by the national museum of Kenya. The trail comprises a waterfall, a cave, and a camping site.

The Oloolua nature trail can also be used to hold special events like birthdays, wedding ceremonies, video shooting,


The Wildlife Foundation

The wildlife foundation is an environmental conservation organization founded by a dedicated team of conservationists. The foundation’s primary mission is to protect wildlife dispersal areas by controlling human-wildlife conflict.

You can be part of the conservation journey by participating in organized events like run for wildlife, or cycle for wildlife. You can also join in litter collection in Nairobi national park and other conservation areas.


Mamba Village Centre

The Mamba Village Centre is Africa’s largest crocodile farm hosting over a thousand crocodiles; among them is the ‘big daddy,’ the oldest crocodile. Visiting this village allows you to interact with these dangerous reptiles. You will also get an opportunity to see ostrich, tortoises, and rabbits.

In addition to offering an excellent crocodile tour, the Mamba village Centre also offers event hosting and catering services. They also provide discounted charges on the crocodile farm day tour. Check on their website to mark the date.


Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

Ngong road forest sanctuary is among the managed forests of Nairobi that offer running trails and the best place to explore the country’s natural flora. It is the best place to free your mind by taking a walk, biking, or horse riding. Also, their charges are relatively low, and the trails are safe.



Taking a break from your daily routine leaves you both energized and more focused. It is the best way to free your mind from stress.


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