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The Path To Net_Zero

Updated: May 23, 2023


Organic agriculture – a clear pathway to net-zero

I gasp for air, as I know personally the number of farmers and producers that are farming our land and feeding our nation that know agriculture is a huge part of the solution – if it were managed correctly with the right incentives for exemplary regenerative land management over time.

Adventure Farm together with many contributors, advisors, farmers, producers, experts in their field and businesses are seeking to act on this urgency. One step at a time. Now we encourage you to take as many of these steps as you can:

  • Know your footprint – for your business, your household, your school

  • Reduce your footprint

  • Install solar, reduce energy

  • Reduce business and household waste

  • Reduce car/fuel use

  • Buy more food seasonally

  • Support local businesses with less of a footprint

  • Check food labels

  • Reuse and Recycle fashion

  • Plant a garden, grown your own

Adventure Farm engages with Organic and Regenerative Farming collectively to demonstrate the direct relationship between healthy food, healthy farms and a healthy planet. Our practical actions of supporting organic and biodynamic products in our everyday lives is a key part of the solution to mitigating our climate emergency and carbon drawdown as a country.

Regenerative farming is a systematic approach to adopting the best sustainable practices that impact nature and climate positively. We have on going regenerative courses offered at our farm, It is about producing more food while using less of the planet’s resources. Only by working together can we build the food system of the future. We can only scale up regenerative farming to restore nature and reverse climate change with science-based targets and actions.

At Adventure Farm we believe the more farmers that produce food more sustainably, the more land that is managed in a carbon negative manner and the healthier the food is, with a lesser carbon footprint. It means taking responsibility and action for your business footprint as part of being a responsible citizen. Every business and family can reduce their footprint and have an impact – and then offset what you can not reduce. It means that we urgently need to own the overshoot of our lives. Of business. Of agriculture. And drastically make changes today that can peel back the damage our excess of the last 50+ years has created.

The Way Forward Join the Race to Zero

At Adventure Farm we advocate for a long term change, achieving net zero won’t be difficult. Together we are stronger. Today’s news pulls no punches. For some the glimmer of hope lies in our pastures, in the soil, in the biodiversity and ecosystem that we all should take responsibility to look after. Every meal we serve. Every guest we welcome. We all need to be part of the urgency in planetary care, of as much carbon drawdown as possible, and as little leach into the atmosphere as we can manage in our daily lives.

You’re part of us. As is your community. Together we can be the leaders of powerful systemic change, to bring value back to producers and landholders at the face of this risk, and demonstrate with our actions to uphold the provision of safe food and habitat for all planetary communities. We believe through connecting land, people, business and ethical values we can be strong allies and enact solutions that together can be the change we all hope for. And our children need to believe it will be enough.

Starting now. Net Zero #ItsPossible. Starting now! Starting now! Starting now!

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