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Why Forests are Awesome

Reasons Why a Vacation to the Forests is a Must-Do


Spending time in a local natural area helps us to feel connected to the landscape. Children can organically find out more about nature and geography in their own region, too. This encourages children to engage directly with the space around them.

A brilliant sensory experience to help make learning memorable, engaging and enjoyable.

Forest Schools encourage curiosity and trying things out in contrast to more structured learning. Many see this as the perfect way to provide a balance to education in the 21st Century!

Supporting the development of problem-solving, creative and critical thinking skills in children.

Helping children develop a deeper understanding of and respect for nature by teaching safe practice, e.g. how to be safe around fire. These are practical skills that children can apply for the rest of their lives.

Allowing children to develop a connection with the natural world and the ecosystems we are part of. This can help children move through the world in a way that is considered and respectful for their world and themselves.

Boosting children's confidence, resilience, independence and self-esteem through discovery. By driving their own learning, children learn that their ideas and opinions are important.

Teaching children to learn from what is all around them and begin to understand how to take care of themselves.

There are plenty of opportunities for physical development, from fine motor skills to gross motor skills, and lots of fun exercise too. This support healthy growth and movement, to keep children feeling fit and well.

Time spent outdoors has been shown to have a great effect on mental health too, offering a calming and enjoyable way to de-stress. Children can practise mindfulness and practise focussing on the moment they are in.

Forest Schools are designed for everyone and promote inclusivity.

 Forests offer a peaceful haven, far from the maddening hustle bustle of city lives and city lights. An ideal destination to experience a flourishing natural landscape, abundant in flora and fauna and be one with the quiet and peace that it has to offer. It is an ideal place to disconnect from our screens and technology and be one with our origins, a place where we actually originated from

Forests are known to contribute to our good health with the abundance of fresh air, natural surroundings that help the stress levels go down marginally, and at the same time oxygenating our lungs manifold. Forests are natural healers that play a vital role in refurbishing our physical and emotional well being.

Forests are a reminder of our valuable ecosystem and natural habitat. An ecosystem that is critical and intrinsic to mankind, one that helps maintain the ecological balance. A holiday to the forests can serve as a wonderful reminder to preserve and conserve this precious natural habitat and it’s residents, that are key to our existence.

Both flora and fauna are great teachers. They can impart us with life-changing lessons in resilience, patience, selfless-love, team work and camaraderie.

Forests and their natural beauty with their awe-inspiring sights and sounds, can play a vital role in bringing to fore our hidden creative talents. This could be in the form of painting, art, writing, photography etc. Forests can elicit our inner most thoughts translating them to a piece of unique art.

Forest with its raw beauty and splendour can be a photographers dream come true. The appealing sights and the captivating moments of the forests captured on a photographers candid camera can be a worth a thousand words.

Forests with their all encompassing serenity and mysterious stories, are part of our natural heritage and an ideal getaway where families can come together in love, joy and camaraderies. Forests indeed are an ideal place to bond with our loved ones.


Now that you are armed with these heartening reasons to get away to the forests, brace yourself for your next holiday destination, in the forest.



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