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As the world celebrated International Women's Day, Adventure Farm took a bold step to honor women in a unique and empowering way. With an immersive Whisky Pairing Farm to Fork event, Adventure Farm extended an invitation to women, owners of leading restaurants and bars recognizing them as pioneers in the hospitality industry. The event not only offered a delightful culinary journey but also delved into the transformative potential of digital information in driving customer loyalty and revenue.


The event kicked off with a warm welcome to all the attendees, acknowledging their pivotal role in shaping the hospitality landscape. The expert panel, comprising seasoned professionals, shared invaluable insights on leveraging consumer data to revolutionize hospitality experiences. The agenda was rich, curated by Avunja Mobile covering topics such as driving deeper client insights, offering innovative services and experiences, fostering customer loyalty, and enhancing revenue streams.


Throughout the day, attendees indulged in a tantalizing Farm to Fork Whisky pairing menu curated to perfection. The culinary odyssey began with smoked chicken drumsticks, a signature dish infused with the delicate flavors of fennel, setting the stage for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Punctuated with a refreshing mojito sorbet, the palate was cleansed, paving the way for the next course.


A summer Scottish salad paid homage to the genesis of whisky in the Scottish Lochs. Drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette it showcased the vibrant bounty of the season, while sage-infused pork cutlets, accompanied by orchard tomato relish, offered a harmonious blend of flavors. Each dish was thoughtfully paired with a sorbet infused with whisky, adding a unique twist to the traditional whisky tasting experience.


The culinary journey culminated in a decadent chocolate brownie, crafted with Fior Di Latte, a testament to Adventure Farm's commitment to indulgence and innovation. As participants savored each bite, they were transported to a realm where culinary artistry met sustainability, leaving a lasting impression on both palate and conscience.


As the day unfolded, women from various backgrounds and roles in the hospitality sector engaged in meaningful discussions, exchanging ideas, and exploring strategies to harness the power of digital tools, including AI. Real-world examples and practical insights were shared, illustrating how businesses can navigate the complexities and ethics of data-driven marketing while prioritizing value for both customers and stakeholders.


The highlight of the event was the whisky tasting session, where attendees not only savored the distinct flavors of Johnnie Walker Green Label but also immersed themselves in the art of cocktail making, forging bonds and sharing experiences. The choice of green whisky symbolized Adventure Farm's commitment to sustainability, mirroring the venue's ethos of environmental stewardship. From the wholesome ingredients sourced directly from the farm to the innovative cocktail creations, every aspect of the event resonated with a sense of purpose and authenticity, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.


Reflecting on the success of the event, it becomes evident that initiatives like these are not only about celebrating women's achievements but also about empowering them with knowledge and tools to thrive in an ever-evolving industry. Moving forward, Adventure Farm and  Avunja Mobile remain committed to fostering inclusivity and driving positive change in the hospitality sector.

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